About me!

Welcome to Ribbons and Red Tape, a blog about horses and the law!

I was raised in a riding and ranching family in Northern California, and I currently live with my husband in San Francisco.

My first pony was a green, POA, rescue pony named Sierra Blue, who had a penchant for rolling while being ridden, bolting for home while out on X-C, and wiggling under the paddock fence in nightly escapades.  I was just 5 years old when we became a team; despite her mischievous ways I loved her dearly, and she taught me important lessons of how to be a persevering and determined rider.

I continued my riding career to achieve the H-A ranking in the United States Pony Club (and competed in Tetrathalon Nationals in Lexington, Kentucky and Dressage Western Regionals in California),
served as a team member and president of my Westmont College polo team,
and am a hunter/jumper on the California show circuit.
Recreationally I have also enjoyed endurance riding, cutting, and vaulting;
I'm always looking for more equine fields of riding and sport to join, in case you have recommendations!

I am an attorney licensed to practice law in both California and Kentucky.

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