Horse Law Humor

There are numerous laws on the books that are unlawfully prejudicial or completely strange.  Most of these laws are never enforced, but it always a source of humor, disbelief, and curiosity to consider the laws and why they were written.  

This link will take you to a more complete listing of some outlandish horse laws, but these are some of my favorites (some of these include "antique laws"):

A misworded ordinance in Wolf Point, Montana: "No horse shall be allowed in public without its owner wearing a halter."

In Omega, New Mexico, every woman must "be found to be wearing a corset" when riding a horse in public. A physician is required to inspect each female on horseback. The doctor must ascertain whether or not the woman is, in fact, complying with this law! 

A Fort Collins, Colorado Municipal Code: "It is unlawful for any male rider, within the limits of this community, to wink at any female rider with whom he is acquainted."

It is strictly against the law in Bicknell, Indiana, for a man to leave his new bride alone and go riding with his pals on his wedding day. The penalty is a week in jail.

Paradise, California, retains a most unusual law that says it is illegal to let a horse sleep in a bakery within the limits of the community.

And my favorite: 

An attorney can be barred from practicing law in Corvallis, Oregon, should he refuse to accept a horse in lieu of his legal fees.

Clearly horses have always been an integral part of our lives to have such specific laws!

Note: I have not researched each of these statutes, so it is possible some may be inaccurate, antique, or untrue.