A Royal Accident- a parade pony deserving the royal treatment

The hoopla of the Royal Wedding was this past weekend!

Unfortunately, this parade pony took a spill on the pavement when he was spooked- though reportedly he is doing fine. yikes!

Some groups are petitioning the courts for an end of using horses in cities.

For example, New York City has faced vigorous protests against the carriage-horse industry, claiming that horse welfare standards are not met.  Some say that the standards of care need to be enforced better (or for the implementation of improved standards), others say that horses do not belong in cities at all due to loud, harsh, and unnatural noise and pollution that spook horses and cause them other discomforts.
I haven't yet heard protests against the British Calvary due to this Royal accident, but such incidents often raise the debate once again.

As I posted earlier, I love watching the police horses in San Francisco, and think they can do a great amount of good that police in cars, on foot, or on bike cannot achieve; however, I also strongly advocate for the highest regard of care given to horses used in city service.  The city does create equine discomforts unlike a rural riding arena, but many of these discomforts can be counter-balanced by providing excellent care.
It is a public policy issue at this point, though increasingly some state courts have taken action (such as implementing bans on carriage-horses in Santa Fe, NM and Key West, FL).

(Could it be the same horse?! Me, with a mounted officer outside Buckingham Palace, June 2010)

(Calvary parading down the Mall to Buckingham palace, June 2010, on the Queen's Birthday)

While the debate rages on, I just hope this parade pony got a warm poultice with his oats scones and tea!