26th Annual Equine Legal Conference

I am at the annual equine legal conference hosted by University of Kentucky this week in Lexington, Kentucky.

Some of the most premier equine attorneys and practitioners have gathered to discuss the latest and most pressing equine legal matters.

When I return home I will do a more comprehensive review of the conference, though with 13 credit hours, the review may have to come in multiple parts!

Topics have included:
Contract drafting to avoid disputes
Collection of Equine Judgments and Competing Equine Liens
Race-track management, especially in light of the economic climate
Risk Management Considerations 
Equine litigation and discovery
The Thoroughbred Auction Process
Congressional updates on legislation affecting the equine world
Recreational Land use and the Equine Activity Liability Act
Copyright Law and Equine Photography
2010 World Equestrian Games legal issues
Immigration Compliance for Equine employers
..... and more!!

I've met with pioneers in the equine field,
and authors of the first equine legal books I ever purchased.
Further, I've men and women who have been my role-models for equine law; after years of only "technological relationships," it is gratifying to see how lovely they are in person.

There are attendees from 24 states and 2 continents!

It is wonderful to see the green pastures, rolling slopes framed in white fencing, and happy, pampered horses- so quintessentially Kentucky!