One stride closer to the finish line

Finally! The degree of juris doctor was conferred upon me on Saturday; I am officialy a law school graduate! 
However, adding "J.D." to the end of my name is only part of the task to becoming an attorney; I now have the bar exam in July (a consecutive 3-day, 6 hour a day exam, so I may not be writing many blog posts this summer!)

Today I began my bar preparation class, which entailed 7 hours of practice exams and lectures in a room full of several hundred other anxious candidates.

At the end of one long Tort multiple choice exam was a question that piqued my flagging interest, and I thought I would put it to you, my readers, to test your basic legal knowledge!
(This question came from the national multiple choice exam, so jurisdictional differences should not be taken into account)

Question 25
A horse breeder owned a small but exceptionally well-tended horse farm for many years.  The county in which the farm was located had no zoning or land-use regulations, but that had never been a problem until a half-acre plot of land next to the farm was recently purchased by a salvage company.  The company let the weeds grow high on the land and it became littered with smelly, unsightly garbage and rusting metal.  The breeder complained to the company on several occasions but was ignored.  In addition, business started to taper off at the breeding farm due to the noise, smells, and general disarray of the junkyard.

If the breeder brings an action for nuisance against the company, how will the court rule?

(A) For the breeder, because the breeder was a property owner in the area long before the company bought the lot and opened the business.

(B) For the breeder, if he can show a substantial and unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of his land.

(C) For the company, because it is using the land for legal purposes.

(D) For the company, unless the breeder can objectively demonstrate that the value of the farm has declined.


So what do you think?!
I'll post the answer in the comments in a few days!