Falling for Fall: Apples for your Legal Health

Happy first day of Fall for my North American friends!
Of course for those of us in the Bay Area, we welcome Indian Summer with open arms.

One of the perks of this season is the bounty of crisp, delicious apples on the trees;
a nice treat for you and your horse- and healthy to boot.

Speaking of health, on the tail of the survey from last post (thank you for participating- and if you haven't- it is still open, please go and click!), the most popular response was:
"I haven't used a lawyer in an equine transaction, but I would if it were needed."

One of the reasons I write this blog, and include links to other equine legal resources in the left hand column, is for your legal health.

As a D-level rider in Pony Club I was taught:
1. The warning signs in your horse that require a call to the vet, and
2. When you call the vet, be prepared to provide vitals (temperature, pulse, etc.) so the vet can better assess the situation before he/she comes out to your barn

Legal health is very similar:
1. What are the warning signs in your equine business/ trade that would require a lawyer (and what can be done to prevent problems from arising)? And,
2. When you meet with a lawyer to discuss your equine business, it is helpful to be prepared to understand the basic legal vitals of your enterprise- such as: the liability that would arise from this activity, how things could go wrong, and what kind of communication with a customer could help prevent problems.

The transition of summer into fall also marks the approximate one year anniversary of this blog.
I started Ribbons and Red Tape as a place to share one of my equine legal research projects (link to full paper in upper left corner).  Since finishing the project I decided to continue this blog as a way to give back to, and participate in, the equine community.
The pleasure has been mine, and I look forward to riding through this season with you!

Happy weekend, happy rides, and eat your Fall apples!