Vet Week: Success!

We have come to the end of Vet Week!
I had been worried about a sufficient tie of the equine veterinary world with the legal purpose of this blog, but the guest posts and comments from our readers really exceeded my expectations.

Cool, or creepy? Horses made from Driftwood.
Source: and to see the sculpting process!

I know the Vet Week posts were a bit longer than usual, but my goal was that you found them applicable to your life, or at the very least an interesting read!
Many thanks to the readers, subscribers, and followers of Ribbons and Red Tape; for the blog award and for the re-posting of Dr. Knopf's pre-purchase tips on Alison Rowe's great equine legal blog.

I plan on posting more vet-related topics in the future, but I will branch out and feature different "focus weeks" in the next few months of 2011 (can you believe we're almost at year's end!?)

I vote cool! By artist Heather Jansch

Thank you for following along this week, and I hope you gained some valuable knowledge and resources to use for your own equine life!