Jumping with Joy!

I took the California Bar Exam at the end of July, and after an interminable 3.5 months of waiting, I received my results: I passed!
When I read my name on the pass list I was flooded with relief from stress and happiness of success;  I won't ever forget that monumental day.

Thank you for reading and learning along with me on this blog over my past year of law school, the bar, and now my results.  You have followed me on one of the most significant rides of my life.

I now plan on taking the Kentucky bar in 2012 so that I can even further meet the legal needs of our equine community. 
I am looking forward to continuing my blog and following the equine adventures of my fellow bloggers.

Happy Riding!

I have updated this blog's disclaimer in the left-hand column, and have included it below:
"I am an attorney licensed in the state of California.  As a reminder, no information on this blog should be taken as legal advice.  All information on this blog is only for the purpose of sharing our equine interests within a legal context.  This blog cannot create an attorney-client relationship between you and the blog author.  This blog is not a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state."

The photo was taken a couple weeks ago with my latest hunter project, Sophie, a baby we bred to my father's first polo horse and a Criollo Argentine polo stallion.