Back to the Bar: Kentucky!

I found this under our tree yesterday, and couldn't help but open it before Christmas....

Yes indeed, my next set of study aides for the Kentucky bar in February!
(The other half of the stack of books is still in the box)

Unfortunately, just like for the California bar this past summer, my blog postings will become a bit sparse due to the studying priority.  But I'll take study breaks and keep reading your blogs, and will try to post here and there when I can.

While I love Kentucky, we currently do not have plans to move to the bluegrass state; I am taking the bar in order to better serve the legal needs of our equine community.

The exam will be in Lexington at the end of February; I've only been to Kentucky in the spring and summer, so any survival tips for Kentucky winter would be appreciated!

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Merry Christmas to you and your horses!