Barn Fire Roundup

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The Kentucky bar exam is just around the corner, so unfortunately I don't have the time to write new blog posts for us- but I will be back soon!  In the meantime, please find below a round-up of equine posts about Barn Fires from around the web:

The story of Neville the horse, fire survivor and potential Olympian: "The horses’ straw beds were ablaze, with the rest of the barn, when two men rushed in against the flames and black smoke to try to save the 11 horses inside."

Julie Fershtman's blog post regarding boarding stable liability when horses die in a barn fire (discusses the issue of the barn owner's negligence, such as faulty wiring or storing flammables in the barn).

Rachel McCart's blog post regarding insurance coverage, such as against the risk of a barn fire.

Alison Rowe's blog post, "Horse Insurance 101," includes information about insuring against accidental death of horses (such as by fire).

A recent story: 9 horses died in a Pennsylvania barn fire.  The barn owner's insurance will cover the loss- but as the owner reveals- insurance isn't really enough to cover all costs (or emotional loss).

The story of Maplewood Stables in Reno, NV- fortunately they had an evacuation in place for the 80 horses on the property!

As a Californian I have seen the ravage of many fires- and the chaos that ensues as flames approach.  I have had two close calls with wildfires and our horses, fortunately we have created a plan when evacuation for the horses is not an option, and it gives me such a great sense of relief to know that while we can't control the uncontrollable, we can certainly limit the risk of loss and actual loss (which is actually a parallel purpose to legal contracts!)

These last few rainy months are the best time to make your plans for the upcoming hot and dry season (and considering our minimal rain/ snow fall in California, it will likely be a very dry and fire-risky summer!)