Military Week: Happy Memorial Weekend!

We all appreciate Memorial Day for the short work week, and because for many of us it is the inaugural weekend to break out the BBQ and swimsuits.  Let's also take a moment to reflect upon and thank our service-members.

A few final things to close Military Week.....

1. Stacey of the Jumping Percheron competed in London last fall in the 34th Uniformed Services Showjumping International Competition in London! Read here for: Part 1 and Part 2

2. Horses in Military Law (literally!):
Punitive Articles of UCMJ, Article 121: Explanation.

(1) Larceny: (b) Taking, obtaining, or withholding. There must be a taking, obtaining, or withholding of the property by the thief. For instance,  here is no taking if the property is connected to a building by a chain and the property has not been disconnected from the building; property is not “obtained” by merely acquiring title thereto without exercising some possessory control over it. As a general rule, however, any movement of the property or any exercise of dominion over it is sufficient if accompanied by the requisite intent. Thus, if an accused enticed another’s horse into the accused’s stable without touching the animal, or procured a railroad company to deliver another’s trunk by changing the check on it, or obtained the delivery of another’s goods to a person or place designated by the accused, or had the funds of another transferred to the accused’s bank account, the accused is guilty of larceny if the other elements of the offense have been proved. 

3. Military Polo in Hawaii, in which different divisions of the military compete against each other (next event, tomorrow May 27 it is the Army vs. Navy!  From the Army Polo website:
"It may not be widely known, but Polo’s earliest origins are tied to Army and Calvary units around the world. The United States Army had practiced this tradition for many decades and has a rich history of Army polo here in the islands. Most notably, General Patton played polo here in Hawaii at Kapiolani Park during his time commanding Army Forces in the Pacific. Today, India’s 61st Calvary Units are still fighting on horseback in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan."

I know this was a slightly unconventional week on the blog, but I hope it was interesting and informative to learn how the military operates legally, and how horses are an integral part of military divisions and members' lives!

And in case you missed them:
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Happy Memorial Day!