Military Week: Military Law and Horses

Memorial Day is our nation's holiday to remember the soldiers that have served our country.
The U.S. military receives significant attention for its rules and laws; for example, a recent issue is what military members can "legally" write on their Facebook page about the Commander in Chief.
 This week I want to share how the military legal system works... and how it connects to horses of course!

U.S. Soldier with a local horse in Baghdad, 2008
Update October 6, 2012: The soldier is Ben Piper
The different branches of military are not governed by the same principles of law as the citizenry, but are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ); even retired military persons remain subject to the UCMJ.  (Some branches have different procedures for smaller infractions, otherwise UCMJ has uniform application.)
However, violations of state and federal laws by a military member will still subject the violator to state, federal, and Constitutional laws.
 Attorneys who practice military law are members of JAG (Judge Advocate General's Corps).

The U.S. no longer has a cavalry, but horses are still used in military service.  For example, for operations in Afghanistan involving missions over rocky and difficult terrain, local Afghani horses have been used for transportation in the remote regions.
The following clip is of American troops on Afghani horses immediately following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers in 2001:


Supporting our troops supersedes politics.  I very sincerely thank my family members, friends, and fellow Americans who have honorably served our country.

For military members, some legal resources:
1. ABA Operation Standby: free and confidential legal assistance to military lawyers
2. ABA Home Front: free information to military families about their rights, and information about possible solutions to problems that military families uniquely face
3. Military Spouse JD Network: opportunities and support for attorneys of a military spouse

Are you in the military, or do you have family in the military?
Check back in for more Military Week posts over the next few days!