An august day in August

august (adjective): respected and impressive : "she was in august company"

It seems fitting that on the first day of August we wish the very best to equine legal blogger Milt Toby in his next endeavors.  His blog fulfills the august definition: respected and impressive.
  You likely have seen the link to his blog in my left-hand column, and now after three years of legal blogging at the he has decided to pursue longer articles and books instead.

Despite the huge body of legal issues inherent in the equine world, there really aren't many blogs that focus on these issues.  If you keep a blog I encourage you to post from time to time about the legal questions that arise in your equine life to keep the conversation going, because after all: 
The more educated we are on legalities, the better we can avoid liabilities.

Thanks Milt and for contributing to our equine legal education- we really have been in your august company!

I am horse-showing this week in the evenings after work; it is my first show in two years (I can't believe it has been that long!), and my mom's first show on her new horse Sebastian.  We're having a great time.  I'm showing an enormous (18 hands!) Hanoverian gelding with a heart of gold- that's him in the photo!