The September Issue: publication for Polo Immigration Law

My article on polo immigration law is featured in the September issue for the premiere publication on polo in the U.S.

Immigration for the Polo Community
       During a break between chukkers recently, I played a guessing game with myself: how many non-U.S. citizens are involved in an average U.S. polo game? I counted the grooms, some of the field and club staff, a veterinarian traveling with team horses, and of course the pros; needless to say, I found that this one day at the field was representative of the significant number of foreign nationals involved in U.S. polo each year.
       Immigration law is a pivotal subject in state governments, in the United States' presidential race, and is also an integral aspect of our polo community. Polo is one of the most foreigner-concentrated areas of equestrian sport in the U.S.; we depend upon, and welcome, the polo skills and services brought by nationals of other countries, such as from South and Central America and parts of Europe.

       While the state of U.S. immigration law and policy is in flux and often hotly contested, there are a number of nonimmigrant visas that are particularly appropriate for those in the polo world. These visas are considered 'nonimmigrant' because the visa applicant intends to return to his or her home country by the expiration of the visa.

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Do you have any insight on immigration in the horse world? Or on how the next President should handle the issue?