Bella Brand Bran Brew: Compounding a (legal) Problem

Cooking is not high on my list of things I like to do.  Generally I would rather be cleaning tack or mucking stalls than standing over a stove or hovering near an oven.

However, I have one recipe that always receives rave reviews - my speciality bran mash - the horses love it.  Bella's teeth are of course regularly checked and floated, but she has a tendency to quid and spit her grain and supplements out on the ground, so bran mash works best for her.

Disclaimer: There are health concerns and evaluations that must be made with any feeding or graining program, and brans can have their own evils, so be sure to check what is best for your horse.

Bella generally receives a flaky wheat bran mixed with a 'senior horse' pelleted feed, her supplements, and garlic powder (an herb that serves as a fly-biting deterrent).  Other mashes I make may consist of rice bran or beet pulp, though the latter requires longer soaking times.  I mix it all together with warm water, let it soak for a couple minutes, serve, and am met with a happy customer....

But did you know that I could not offer for sale "Bella Brand Bran Brew" to other equestrians without first complying with all necessary licenses and regulations?
I knew an equestrian trainer who mixed together different feeds and grains and offered them for sale to her students and riding friends as a stable mix geared for horses with different nutritional needs, such as the performance horse, the retired horse, the "insert here type of" horse, etc.

This is in breach of US Department of Agriculture laws which require the seller acquire a license to be a "pet food manufacturer."  After that license is obtained through your state's Department of Agriculture, approval with the FDA must be met to establish that it is labeled correctly and meets other requirements.

This is a good site for those of you who harbor dreams of concocting and distributing (which can include giving free handouts or selling) your personal brand of horse feed or cookies.

In addition to my equine bran mashes I have also tried my hand at molasses oat horse cookies (though with less success because they require an oven).

Do you have a favorite horse recipe you make at home?  Would you ever consider distributing it?