Great Sadness during the Holidays

I've been so deeply saddened with the Connecticut elementary school shooting.  I like to think that we are a (sufficiently) well-functioning society based on sound law and order.  But tragedies such as this show the weakness in our perceived ability to prevent illegal activity or to provide justice for victims.  This depraved gunman took his own life, evading the legal process of conviction and punishment.  Not only did he deprive the parents this justice, of permitting the system to question his motivation, but he deprived the parents of so, so much more.  He deprived them of watching their children take delight this Christmas morning, of growing and learning, of providing an ever continuing joyful presence to their families and friends.

I'm so sorry for the families and the mourning community.   I have a family member who works in one of the hospitals where victims were taken; where staff was ready to help, but children were brought in already dead.  One teacher is there in critical condition.

I believe that a society founded in respect for the law is vitally necessary, but we need to fix the gaps in not only our legal system, but also our moral and ethical structure, that have not been preventing this gross disrespect for justice and violation of order.