Most Popular 2012 Posts and Looking Ahead to 2013

I know that the 'happy 2013' posts have more or less come and gone by now, however,  I thought a quick look back at the most popular Ribbon and Red Tape posts written in 2012 would be great to share.

I'll be away from blogging for a couple weeks, so please enjoy reading back through some of these equine topics viewed through a legal lens.....

Looking Back

1. 2012 was marked with controversial news stories about mares used for stallion CEM testing.  I discussed the issue in the blog post: Stallions and the Law: Impregnation, Castration, Importation (the post also includes a great picture of veterinarian Dr. Knopf in action!)

2. A subject we don't often think about, but in fact irks many people: The Golf Cart: Friend or Foe at a Show.  Not surprisingly, golf carts have injured many horses and people due to their misuse.

3. Turmoil in the racing world was the third most popular blog post, particularly surrounding the on-set deaths of horses on the television show "Luck," in What are the Odds?  Gambling on a Horse Race. [Update: there is now a lawsuit pending]  

4. The final contender in post popularity was a series on horse diving, a hallmark dispute in 2012, when Atlantic City proposed re-opening the diving show, discussed in Welfare Water Watch: Diving Horses and Welfare and Horse Diving: a final word.

The most popular Facebook post shared in 2012 was of Bugsy, a very freckled and colorful horse that I rode in the summer show season, as well as the feature on the Nicest Indoor I have ever seen!

Looking Ahead

I predict 2013 will see...

1. Continued scrutiny of drugs in the racing world and increased and new scrutiny of drug use in the show horse world.  
2. The horse community will continue to debate horse slaughter and what to do about wild and also unwanted horses.
3. Depending on the 2013 U.S. fiscal policies, horses, horse businesses, and horse activities may face tax increases or issues.

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 Please also share with me on the blog, via email, or other social media any particular equine legal topics you would like to see featured in the year ahead (for example, quite a few readers requested the post about Paternity rights if a stallion impregnates someone's mare without the owner's consent!)  There are already some great posts in the 2013 lineup.

Thanks for a great year my fellow horse-crazy friends!