Flying Name Change!

This blog has generated an enormous amount of content on equine law, and is increasingly sharing more about horse businesses and horse lifestyle issues affecting you and the equestrian community as a whole.

Your support as readers has been incredible- and has inspired me to keep creating free original content so that you have a place to go when you're looking for answers about your boarding agreement, want to learn more about horse contracts or lawsuits, want to grow your online or physical horse business, or are just a naturally inquisitive person who happens to enjoy horses.

I write for YOU, so thank you for being here and a part of the Ribbons and Red Tape community.

I am still ticking away at my New Year Resolutions (if you read in Feedly or other blog reader or via email, make sure you visit the blog to see my new blog design!), and because a pivotal aspect of my Resolution is to be of better service to the horse community, I am transitioning my Facebook page from a strictly legal page to a page name that reflects the content that is posted.  
While I post a lot on this blog, over on Facebook (and Twitter!) I also post about horse shows I go to, other equine law blog posts, horse non-profits and businesses that are excelling in what they do, horse slaughter updates, and more.

So I would love for you to help me in the name transition and come "like" the Facebook page if you haven't done so already.

If you're more of an e-mail person, you may have noticed the box on the upper right side of the blog that allows you to sign up for the free list that has exclusive information, education, and offers.  If you have already signed up before, no need to do so again.  It isn't spammy and you can quickly unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive the emails.

Here is to galloping into March with inquisitive minds and unrelenting perseverance.

Thank you!