Inspiration and Education through Equestrian Travel

With the Internet our horse lives can now be experienced with a global perspective.  Through the web I have met riders from all over Western and Eastern Europe and South America.  
I have been fortunate to ride in six other countries and have traveled for equine law and business trips in a handful of other countries, creating some of the most memorable experiences of my life.  Whenever I travel I deliberately try to plan on how I can get myself around horses- either to ride, go to Exhibits (like the Spanish Riding School), or spend time with horse people.
As equestrians, view travel as an opportunity to gain a new perspective on horse business, riding, and lifestyle through the lens of other cultures.  
Whether you cross state lines to try out a cattle ride, or cross oceans to ride through foreign vistas, equestrian travel can re-inspire you in your horse business and your life.

But travel can certainly be expensive or intimidating, particularly if you are relatively new to travel.  Today's guest post by Isabelle at the Bella Vie (beautiful life) is a fun and practical look at why you should travel and how you can overcome obstacles to checking off your equestrian wanderlust checklist.

When your ride your horse - what do you experience?

Freedom? Adventure? 

When I talk to women that are fully immersed in the things that they love - in this case, horses and equestrian life - they are so in the zone.
And when you are in the zone - your attitude is contagious. You inspire others. 

You are an animal lover.  You want to connect with nature.  You want to experience the best that the world has to offer. 
What if I told you, that it was possible to experience that in a new surrounding with horses and animals from around the world? 
Did you know that there are stables around the world looking for volunteers to share their knowledge and love of horses with you? 


I know, I know… But traveling is expensive. It's dangerous to travel alone as a woman. I don't know the language!

Earlier this week I was contacted by a friend of mine asking if I knew anyone in Thailand that wanted to help out at an elephant sanctuary. Room and board would be paid - the only thing is I was not in Thailand. But I wanted to play with baby elephants! How awesome would that have been. I sent the opportunity to a friend of mine that was traveling in Malaysia. 

Opportunities like this exist. The only thing is our limiting beliefs that STOP us from doing the things we love. 
So I wanted to GET RID OF these preconceptions.   This is why I created The Wanderlust Remedy! 

I have had the travel bug since I was little, and I can't say I was ever rooted anywhere. I was born in Germany, raised in a Romanian household, and grew up mostly in America. Since then I've traveled throughout the US, taught English in China, volunteered at an NGO in Asia, and spoke to monks up in the mountains of Transylvania. I have experience with teaching and volunteering abroad as well. I have traveled as a solo woman and with friends. I budget my travel so I can make the most of my life every single day. 

You love adventure. 
You welcome the challenges and life-long learning.
You want to travel and experience the world on your own terms. 

So tell me…
Where do you want to go? 

In 2013 I learned how to drive for the first time in the pampas of Argentina with FEI World Cup driving champions.

Ribbons and Red Tape Equestrian Travel Tips
  • Compile a list of international non-profits serving horses and contact them if they would like your help.
  • Look for working student opportunities in other countries to ride and groom in foreign barns.
  • For shorter term travel, build virtual friendships with other equestrian bloggers who live in destinations where you would like to travel and contact them 3-4 weeks before you depart about meeting up.
  • Connect with your horse organizations about travel opportunities.  For example, Pony Club has international clubs all over the world, and being a Pony Club member or alum opens many doors.  Perhaps your intercollegiate equestrian team can provide an introduction to international venues.
  • Plan your travel around particular horse events you want to see.  For example, plan your trip to South America around the Argentina Open, the best polo in the world.  Most ticket events can be purchased once you're in the country, but be sure to double-check.
  • If traveling for your horse business, first create a plan of the specific goals you want to accomplish while traveling: deliberate networking, buying equestrian apparel or buying horses, teaching or taking a clinic, etc.  Then create your business expense budget and SAVE every receipt and paper documentation of your expenses and of the meetings you went to (like business cards).
Do you like to ride while you travel?  I don't love boring touristy trail rides, so I try to connect with equestrians in my destination before I leave so that I can experience a more realistic riding adventure.  
Equestrian travel re-inspires me in business and provides me with new tools and ideas on growing my horse business and life. 

On my travel bucket list: watching snow polo in St. Moritz, show jumping in Sweden, and a horseback safari in Africa. 
What is the neatest place you have ridden or been around horses?