Getting an Equestrian Trademark is Fashionable! (an exclusive interview)

I am SO excited about today's post!  We have an AMAZING equestrian fashion brand sharing business insights with us!

One of the most common questions I receive from horse people is whether a trademark is needed for their small horse business.  You can click here to read my previous post, "What's in a Name: Trademarking your Equine Business." 

Today we have Le Fash, an equestrian apparel company based out of New York that specializes in the use of beautiful bamboo fabrics, share its Trademark journey with us.  I love the Le Fash clothes; they are fashion-forward, soft, and can even transition outside of the ring into street wear.  When I saw Le Fash post a picture of its Trademark certificate, I could not wait to share the Le Fash story with all my readers here at Ribbons and Red Tape

Le Fash is an equestrian business to watch: it has grown enormously in just two years, has a large and quality distribution, luxury products, and operates with impressive equine business integrity.

Arianna Vastino, President of Le Fash shares her interview answers exclusively with us...

1. What is your company and how long have you been in business? My company is Le Fash, a high end equestrian lifestyle clothing brand all made in New York. I launched just over 2 years ago

2. What has been the greatest struggle from a legal or business standpoint in growing Le Fash? Capital. When starting a company, it's hard to grow and do what needs to be done in order to be competitive in the market without capital. I've chosen to grow organically as opposed to through an investor and therefore have tried to find interesting ways to promote my brand without having to spend a ton of money. 

On that note, another struggle is protection over the ideas in both designs and marketing from the larger companies. With all the promotion that is required to be competitive in the market, you're exposed to these larger companies that will "borrow" good ideas, sell for less and eventually can shut you out of the mix. Protecting fashion designs is a huge problem for designers.

3. What successes are you most proud of accomplishing with Le Fash? I'm proud of even being considered for this interview! (Ha!) Honestly, I'm proud to have brought my brand to the market from a sketch on paper. I couldn't be happier doing my dream career. I also am most proud when I hear great feedback from my customers who say they feel and look great in my products.

4. Tell us about your Trademarks! Why did you decide to Trademark, how many do you hold, and did you find it a difficult process? I own 4 trademarks; my logos, the "Le Fash" name and my slogan "ride in style". As I mentioned, fashion designs legally don't get a lot of protection so I decided to protect what I could. 

I found the process rather simple. It just took some time to go through all of the questions. If your proposed trademarks are original and you're very thorough in the application, you can do it once and it goes through. 

5. Can you share a piece of insight or advice for horse business owners who want to grow their company on a solid business foundation? Write a formal business plan. Do all of the market research, find out the barriers to entry, study your competition, find out what will make your business unique from them. It may take a very long time but it's worth it. Even if your eyes are the only ones who will ever see it, it will act like a guideline for your business and give you all the necessary tools you'll need to survive.

Amazing, thank you Arianna! 

Do you wonder if you need a Trademark for your horse business? Or have you gotten one already?

p.s. le Fash is currently having a 25% off sale.  These products are rarely discounted, so I'd highly advise snatching some up now.  Perhaps a Mother's Day gift for the discerning equestrian women in your life?