Moms: we love them, we sell to them

This is the first of several posts in the month of May that will look at the unique situation of Motherhood and Horses.

Happy Mother's Day! 
We all have different mothers in our lives, women (or mares!) we admire for their strength, compassion, and leadership.  Birth mothers, adopted mothers, barn mothers, we're so grateful for their wonderful presence in our lives.
Left to Right: Mom, Sister, and Me

Do you cherish the mothers at the barn?
I encourage you to take the opportunity to thank the women who are there for you with their supporting and encouraging wisdom.

And I also encourage you to make sure you are also nourishing the mothers in return, not only will it be overwhelming appreciated by these hard-working women, but it may also be a rather equine business savvy thing to do!

Women are unique.  While many fathers now stay home while the mothers work, or mothers work flex schedules to be able to be present in both the office and the home, among other arrangements, women are the only ones that can give birth! Consider this Mother's Day how you can in fact use that to your advantage....

Business Savvy

My friend is a personal trainer and mentioned that her evenings were booked with clients but that she needed to find an angle to fill her afternoon spots.  She told me that her target market was moms.  Moms who don't work a traditional 8-5 job, moms who might have time for a training session before picking the kids up from school, or moms who can take a personal fitness break while someone stays at home during the children's nap time.

Problem: When women become pregnant at a certain point they will not be safe to continue in lessons or riding.  They either need to sell their horse, lease their horse, or quite taking lessons on the lesson horse.  How will you retain their business during and after this time?

Problem: Women feel they can't take the time away from a newborn or a young child, and think they need to wait until the children are in school until they can ride again, the amount of time varies number on how many and closely spaced she has children.

Product Sellers: what makes a mom's life easier?  She always needs to save time, are you telling her how your product helps make her life easier?
Service Providers: What makes a mom's life more pleasant so she can forget about the tears and tantrums? Quality quiet time alone with her horse, and perhaps also her happy children on horseback with her.

Make it a win-win.  Reflect on how YOUR horse business solves a problem, and then pitch your product or service from that perspective.  Moms will love to feel appreciated by your business and to be able to stay around horses; and the win to your business is client retention and an amazing community reputation (perhaps your unique selling perspective, remember this post?) and a great referral base among the other horse-crazy mothers!

Are you a mom who feels her barn complements her busy lifestyle?
What horse products, or services at the barn or in training, have made it possible for you to stay in horses with young children?