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There is a wide spectrum of equine law and horse business posts on Ribbons and Red Tape.  Check out what have been some of the most popular topics and posts!

For the Horse Business

Distribution Agreements for Horse Products If you are a horse business that buys products for resale, or if you are a business that sells to vendors at wholesale, you need to be aware of the risks and benefits of entering into a distribution agreement.  Considerations include pricing of the product, promotion, royalties, and your written agreement with the other party.

Liability Issues in the Horse World

The Golf Cart: Friend or Foe at a Show? Many horse shows are at large facilities and both trainers and riders alike love the convenience of taking a golf cart between rings, the show office, and the barn.  It often means we don't have to get out of our tall boots! But young drivers, distracted drivers, or just a perception that horses and carts can co-exist in close proximity has led to accidents and horse injuries.  This post looks into the topic and some liability avoidance strategies.

The Modern Liability Waiver: Electronic Signatures Most commercial barns know to have riders sign a liability release prior to riding on the property.  To reduce the amount of paper being used, particularly for high volume facilities like sale barns or tourist riding centers, we explore the validity of signing the waiver on an electronic device, like an iPad.  It is an emerging area of law that is interesting to consider.  I for one am a fan of signing on a device- just like a credit card- as long as the participant has the opportunity to read the waiver carefully.

Foals and Breeding: Interesting Topics and Laws

Everyone loves a little one It might be the adorable foal pictures on this post that make it one of our all-time most popular posts!  This post looks at legal elements in a breeding contract, such as What is a live foal? and What happens if the mare doesn't take? A must-read for those interested in producing a foal, standing a stallion at stud, or breeding their mare.

Stallions and the Law: Impregnation, Castration, Importation The resident Ribbons and Red Tape veterinarian Dr. Knopf shares some photos with us, as well as knowledge about stallion sexually transmitted diseases and how these are tested by the U.S. when a foreign stallion is brought into the country.  Part of the controversy of the testing is that mares are used to see if they contract diseases when bred live cover to the stallion.  One person said the mares are being used like, "lab rats."