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Recommended Books and Products

The Equine Entrepreneur Guide by Corinna Charlton
This compact Guide (48 pages) is direct and to the point.   It is written for the small business owner who runs an online or physical business for either products or services, and focuses on the marketing and sales strategy of your horse business, particularly in the online space. This Guide compiles anecdotes, tools, and action steps gleaned directly from equine entrepreneurs who experienced success and growth from implementation of these strategies!  If you are feeling stuck, unsure, or wanting to be pointed in a specific direction of how you can grow- this Guide is a must read.

The Equine Legal Handbook
Fantastic reference guide for any attorney new to equine law.  It provides contract templates and explanations of some of the most common agreements in the field.  Particularly helpful for solo attorneys.  Five star recommendation!

The Complete Equine Legal & Business Handbook
A nice overview of how basic legal principles apply to horse businesses.  Recommended for non-lawyers, or new lawyers who want an initial overview of basic industry issues.